Here’s a bio for Cindy, posted today because I realized people might google me because of the concert – I saw in the WordPress settings that there’s a bit of traffic recently! The bio is an edited version of what’s in today’s program (1/10/16):

CINDY RENANDER, clarinetist, is Managing Director of the Second City Chamber Series and performs regularly in the Northwest with many orchestras, ensembles and music festivals. A native Tacoman, she has also lived in the south, where she served as Visiting Professor of Music at Lander University in South Carolina. Since returning to our area, she enjoys a varied career in music; in addition to performing and clarinet-related teaching, she teaches at Tacoma Community College, and contributes to the local arts community with her arts administrative experience. Dr. Renander holds a Doctor of Music and Master’s degree from Florida State University, and her undergraduate degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. Her teachers and mentors include Frank Kowalsky, William Wrzesien.


This is John Falskow and Cindy Renander’s blog. Eventually we’ll have our domains point to this, but if I (Cindy) were to have set it up perfectly from the start, it would never happen. For now, it’s food and concerts and we’ll see what happens.

Don’t quite know how to hide our addresses from internet engines, but see if you can figure this out. I’ll try to update this later!
We are reachable at john.at.falskow.dot.com  or cindy.at.renander.dot.com


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